Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dogs of War - Future Jungle

This is a super-rare album that fetches upwards of $300 and apparently is an album that greatly influenced bands like Map of Africa et al. This cut is from their self-titled album and the only one by them that I've been able to find and I gather that it has recently been re-issued which should save most of you some serious wedge. The album is full of camp electronic disco with funk, rock and disco touches with loads of ace percussive breakdowns that are ripe for sampling. If anyone knows anything else about Dogs of War then please let me know but until then enjoy this superb grooving slice of aceness.

Dogs of War - Future Jungle


John Zahl said...

The main name behind the project is (amazing) Pat Desario, who mastermind things like Bombers and Zebras and lots of other things from the Montreal disco scene of the late 70s. This album is the greatest! My faves are "Space Conqueror" and "Love Pirate". Pat died in the 90s, but Johnny Hagiopan, the other dude, is still alive, and the re-issue was licensed through him (i.e., it's legit, not boot).

p.s., Great blog! I read it often.

Marc Kets said...

That is exactly the reason why I started this blog, to find out information like this. I am definitely going to check out Bombers and Zebras.

Nice one, John!

chris keys said...

u need both bombers lp's and the zebras stuff is brilliant , i concur :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much .