Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses - Krikor edit

Q. Lazzarus is a mysterious singer who is best known for this song, which was famously featured in the tuck your little fella away scene in Silence of The Lambs back at the beginning of the 90s. Apparently not much is known about her or her band so I'll diverge a bit and tell you a bit about one of my favourite producers, Krikor. Our hero is a French recording artist who doesn't release a lot of records but pretty much everything that he has released is an absolute winner in my book. If leftfield wonky yet funk as fuck records are your game then he's the man for you especially with tracks like Burt Reynolds, Whisky Boy and Rock Hard In A Funky Place, which are all absolute essentials in my book. There is something very special about artists who don't stick to the blueprint but take chances in their programming and ultimately make records that leap out on the dancefloor and make people go absolutely barmy. Great producer. When you play this one for the love of God please don't try and recreate the scene from the'll just feel silly.

Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses - Krikor edit

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Jimmy said...

Thanks! have had this going round my head the last couple of days, great edit