Saturday, August 2, 2008

That's A Wrap

South Africa has just wrapped up our first test series win in England since readmission. To say I'm pleased is a massive understatement.


Mike O said...

Fully deserved Mate,really thought wed done enough with a lead of 280 odd.

Hopefully we'll have a proper shake up before the ashes,our attack just hasnt been strong enough this series.

Please dont be too smug though fella,i dont want to have to stop reading your blog!

Marc Kets said...

Not smug at all, just proud of what is a decent achievement by the side. They've been improving since we last played the Australians, which was the lowest our cricket side has ever been, and since then we haven't lost a test series and are playing better with every series. The innings victory in India was particularly good. There is still a lot of work to be done but it is good to have a side that in a few months could potentially challenge the Australians.

You can't begrudge me being proud.

mike o said...

Your fully entitled to be proud was only kidding about the smug thing,i think youll do the aussies next time you play them aswell.

Seems we've now decided if you cant beat em let one of em captain your side

Lets hope this is the first of a year of sporting success for your sides,we looked awfull against Stockport yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2009. Giacomo Montana & Giovanna Nigris