Friday, January 9, 2009

Egon's Blog on NPR

Just a quick heads up for all of you beat heads to keep an eye on Egon of Stones Throw General Manager and founder of Now-Again Records' blog on NPR. The guy who he calls Franco in the Africa post is Frank from Voodoo Funk who I have interviewed here on this very blog before. Read Egon's blog here. Proper beat head is our Egon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Faux Pas - Rose's Lament/Renfield's Dream

Fucking hell! Where did this come from? All I know about Faux Pas is that he/she/they are from Melbourne and have a nifty website that sells everything from CDs to t-shirts and that they've only gone and released the best stone-cold balearic tune in eons. There is something incredibly enticing and sophisticated about the melodies and arrangements in these tracks, elements that would make these absolute anthems if Manchester's legendary Sunday session Aficionado was still on - although these aren't out on vinyl so you'd have to break a few rules to play it there but for tunes this good I'd gladly wear a record sleeve on my head all night long. Absolute quality and I do believe that the beards have found someone new to fawn over.

Faux Pas - Rose's Lament

Faux Pas - Renfield's Dream

C. Denner - Not The Indian

C. Denner aka Pilooski dropped this cut on the mysterious Moxie imprint late last year and its teutonic disco goodness immediately sucked me in. This is just the sort of late night thumper that is made for sweaty basements filled with people rolled up in a fist-pumping frenzy. Great track from a producer always coming up with something new.

C. Denner - Not The Indian

Seasick Steve -Thunderbird

Some seriously heavy blues here from Seasick Steve a man with as colorful a history as any man who has ever treaded the boards as a musician. He's been a hobo, has lived in over 50 houses with his Norwegian wife and makes his own instruments one of which is called the Three String Trance Wonder. You have got to love this man and his music is absolutely burning, and when I say burning I mean BURNIN'!!! I have spent a huge portion of this week listening to his records and every time I play them that much louder. Inspiring stuff.

Seasick Steve -Thunderbird