Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lil' Tony - Cosmic Afro Pan

Finland's Lil' Tony is probably best known for being a member of Nuspirit Helsinki who had a fair amount of success with releases on seminal deep house label Guidance Recordings and with Germany's Sonar Kollektiv. In recent years Lil' Tony has been forging a name for himself with his DJ sets and production work - especially those released with Kimmo Oksanen, Roberto Rodriguez and Toni Rantanen as the Future Beat Investigators - but it is with this solo release on France's Versatile Recordings that he takes that minimal yet soulful sound and takes it kicking and screaming down to the club where it can only result in one thing and that is pandemonium on the dancefloor. I really like techno records that are well made and this is most certainly a great addition to the cannon, check the bit where the piano comes in for proof.

Lil' Tony - Cosmic Afro Pan (REMOVED)

* Because this is a new release I'm only going to leave the .mp3 up until Monday morning at which point I'll take it down.

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