Thursday, August 14, 2008

Full Circle

Upper Space Gallery presents Full Circle a fundraiser for the D.P.M. Crew.

On Friday the 15th of August, Upper Space - the North West's only designated contemporary street art and graffiti gallery will be launching its next exhibition - 'Full Circle' to the general public. The exhibition will be showcasing works by the most contemporary graffiti writers in the North West of England alongside a weekend of free events at the Upper Space. The exhibition was curated in response to recent media coverage of graffiti and to explore the juxtaposition between the two sides of the ongoing question - art or crime? Drawing together some of the oldest and most prolific graffiti writers from across the region and from further afield - some of whom have been recently imprisoned or have been on trial for graffiti, for their first group exhibition.

Upper Space hopes to engage the general public and raise aware to the need to change government policy in relation to graffiti with particular emphasis on the distinct lack of legal wall space that is available in city centres for artists to practice and develop their art on. Upper Space feels this only perpetuates the negative impact of graffiti on society today. Coming 'Full Circle', we begin a campaign to engage local government members and community leaders to help provide solutions to some of the negative issues that surround this artform today.

As of the 10th of July, 5 graffiti writers from the D.P.M. Crew received prison sentences for acts of vandalism in the London area. Full Circle will be a fundraiser for their appeals as well as being a chance to showcase elements of hip hop to the community in addition to continuing their appeal for legal walls to be designated so that artists can be free to paint and express themselves.

The festivities include a launch party on August 15th for the exhibition that runs until September 19th and includes works by artists such as Kid Acne, 30Dz and many more. On August 16th they'll be celebrating the four elements of hip hop culture with an all-day event that will take in graffiti, breakdancing, MCing and DJing. On August 17th there will be a full day of screenings of films such as Style Wars, Wildstyle, Scratch, XTC and more. There will also be painting outside the warehouse at various locations. All three days are free to get in and if you're in the area I implore you to go and support what is a very worthy cause. For more information check here.

This image is a sneak preview of what you can expect this weekend.

Fred Cherry - Bus Ride To The Zoo

This came out last year on a 10" on a record label called Hole In The Sky, which from what I can tell comes out of Australia. Producer/drummer Fred Cherry's drops some low slung discoid dub on this choice cut with live instruments, samplers and analogue reel to reel tape machines all colliding to create a psychedelic, percussive work-out that is loved and adored by DJs like Spun who used this on his Beatsinspace show a few weeks back. The label was also responsible for The Canyons 12" that came out a few months back and is one of those records that if you haven't got it then you should stop fucking about immediately and get it...mate!

Fred Cherry - Bus Ride To The Zoo

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kumo Under 7's

I'm busy toying with the idea of starting a 7" label, which will hopefully be home to four to five minute balearic, cosmic, italo, dubstep and afro belters that have a pop sensibility - if that makes any sense. In an ideal world I'd have a John Martyn type record on one side with a dubstep remix on the flip. Basically I'm looking for music that suits the 7" format, more songs than 15 minute disco workouts. I'm after everything from edits to originals, so if you have any records that you're shopping at the moment then please don't hesitate to contact me at marc.kets[at] I already have a couple of releases lined up, so stay, ahem, tuned. They'll be released with full-colour sleeves and on a run of 500. Also if you know of any producers that it might be worth contacting then please don't hesitate to let me know.

This will tie in with the clothing line that I am launching in March 2009. I have a few of these t-shirts still available so if you're after one then contact me for sizes/availability.

Isolée - Schrapnell

This cut taken from Rajko Müller aka Isolée's 2005 album We Are Monster is a sadly overlooked balearic monster that I've only ever heard Balearic Mike play out, which is a pity as with its almost country twang to the guitars and ethereal melodies this is a track that deserved to get much more attention than it did when it was released. I would love to hear someone like Studio or even better Flying Lotus have a stab at this and turn it into something completely wonky. Isolée can do no wrong in my book and this record is up there with Beau Mot Plage and just about everything that is on his superb album Rest. If you've never checked the man's work out before then do your ears a favour and seek everything out by the man. All killer and absolutely no filler!

Isolée - Schrapnell

One Hundred Project : Davey (Hold Tight)

What is on your stereo at the moment?

The new Bubbletease podcast, Flying Lotus- Los Angeles, and, in honour of Isaac Hayes, the Ron Hardy edit of "I can't turn around".

3 records that changed your life. Why?

It's really more of an incremental effect with me, but...

Bummed -Happy Mondays

I heard this first when I was 15, and it was the first time music flipped all my switches - sounded so raw, druggy and rebellious I was helplessly drawn to it. Plus it led me to discover acid house, New Order, The Fall, Funkadelic, Can, Velvet Underground, Suicide, Chic, etc etc etc

Samurai - Jazztronik

I was a little late getting the whole bruk / nu jazz thing. I heard this track at the Electric Chair on a visit back to Manchester. I went out and bought this plus tonnes of other west London stuff immediately. Southeast Asia (where I was living) wasn't as impressed - I cleared quite a few unsuspecting dancefloors with this.

Lcd Soundsystem- 45:33

Not life changing, but it?s a record I have played over and over for a year. Not really a fan of their "real" records, but I love this one dearly. Maybe because they do away with guitars altogether and crank up the analog synths. Can't wait for the remix album which will apparently feature Prins Thomas, Theo Parrish and Trus'me. Should be ace.

What are you looking forward to?

Go Obama!

What couldn't you live without? Why?

My 1 1/2 year old boy, Max, and his hot momma. Because.

Most memorable gig?

Some friends and I DJed at a NYE party at Bokor Hill station in Cambodia, a very spooky abandoned casino and hotel left over from the French Colonial rule of the 1920s. Bokor is on top of a creepy, foggy mountain overlooking the gulf of Thailand. We expected a hundred or so people would make the long trek up there, but there was close to a thousand. It was memorable for different reasons - like the stunning setting, the amazing energy inside the old ballroom where we played, and the rather darker events unfolding outside - where two drunk policeman managed to shoot and kill each other in a kind of Mexican standoff. Pretty surreal.

Who/what are your influences?

Randomly - Friends of mine, Maurice Fulton, 4hero, Ame, Mark E, Amp Fiddler, Aeroplane, Bugz in the Attic, Chicken Lips, Cinematic Orchestra, E.S.G, The Glimmers, Fela Kuti, Permanent Vacation records, Jazzanova, Jazztronik, MAW, Metro Area, Micheal Jackson, Moodymann, Manchester, Prince, Theo Parrish, LCD Soundsystem, Trus'me, Pilooski, Stereolab, Build an Ark, the year 1983, Flying Lotus, Prins Thomas, Unabombers, Todd Terje, Greg Wilson, Lindstrom, Henrik Schwarz, Rainer Trüby, Roy Ayers, Oye records, Piccadilly Records, Hamilton Bohannon. People and things like that.

What is the best and worst thing about the city that you live in?

Berlin's famously freewheeling music culture/subculture. It's a pretty exciting city, made even more interesting because of its history. Everyone says it's not what it was 10 or 15 years ago, but it still seems to have a real edge to it.

On the downside: winter.

Given the accelerated pace of modern culture, what are we due a revival in?


Hero? Why?

I can't say that I have a hero. Maybe that?s because M People's "Seach for the hero" is the worst song ever recorded.

Is there anything else that you feel that we should know?

Some background might be in order. Born in Yorkshire, moved to Manchester to Cambodia to Thailand to Berlin, (now working for Native Instruments), and broadcasting an internet radio show, Hold Tight on Loud FM.

Check the podcast here.

Dave Tinning Kumo Mix

The mix is a few old favourites and some more recent stuff that I'm really feeling. Some of these records I have played to death, hence the "authentic" crackle. Sorry about that.

No Tracklisting Available

Download the mix from here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

6th Borough Project - Planets

Photo by Glen.

Here is a party record and then some! Birmingham's Jiscomusic just might have released one of the best house records for quite some time with this uptempo re-edit of a Marvin tune (I think!). Edinburgh house DJ Craig Smith is behind this edit with Graeme Clark of The Revenge and I used to have a tape of his back in the early to mid-90s that I completely wore out. I remember trying to find out what every track on the tape was and I came close and it only took me 4 years! He went off the radar a bit for a few years and now he's back with a floor trembler. Everyone stumped for the Hot Chocolate edit on the flip but for me this disco-meets-house bomb is the one. Absolutely killer!

6th Borough Project - Planets

p.s. If anyone knows the name of the original track that they have taken the scissors to then please let me know!

Laurent Garnier - Man With The Red Face (Live)

Another techno classic, this time from France's Laurent Garnier. This is hairs on the back of your neck stuff.

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi-Tech Jazz (Live)

I just saw this one Youtube and I would have given my right arm to have been there as techno luminaries Galaxy 2 Galaxy play what is surely one of the greatest records ever made. It still sounds incredibly fresh some 15 years after it was first unleashed. What a record!

Go Tell Mama!

On Friday I went to the opening of the Go Tell Mama! exhibition at the HVW8 Gallery on the corner of Melrose and N. Spaulding on Los Angeles. The blurb from the exhibition says it best, "In November 2006, a hopeful new kind of politician began to make waves in the field of candidates running for the 2008 presidential election. Inspired by Barack Obama's fresh take and non-traditional bi-partisan approach, CRO decided to initiate an independent political propaganda campaign in support of Senator Obama. On the road to the Whitehouse, this atypical candidate would require a fresh approach. Therefore, unsatisfied with how the political machine usually dictates a campaign, CRO set out to redefine how it should be done. And so was born a series of posters and videos that harness the power of the internet and technology bringing meaningful, thought-provoking imagery to the stale and stiff political scene. is now the central hub for all content created for the CRO mission of delivering Obama's candidacy to the people. Here you can find a series of posters designed for street-level promotion."

Apparently CRO was inspired to do the work after reading Obama's autobiography after he was involved in an accident and he had his jaw wired shut. Here is Ray Noland aka CRO's artist statement - "The GoTellMama! Officially Unofficial Show is an artists run and operated independent political art campaign in support of Barack Obama. It is focused on communicating with voters in an array of contemporary grassroots methods such as a national street campaign of posters and stencil art, animated viral videos, and creative use of internet technology. GoTellMama! was created in November 2006 while Ray Noland aka CRO was recovering from a severe bicycle crash--jaw wired shut for six weeks and mending a dislocated shoulder. The Chicago-based artist devoured Senator Barack Obama's book, 'Dreams from my Father' and became consumed with the man and his story, but also the potential of his window into the 2008 election. What began as the simple production of 25 (pre-ordered) limited edition 'Dream' screen-printed posters has grown into a collection of prints, stencil graphics, fine art pieces, animated videos, an aggressive national street campaign and a series of traveling art shows across the country.

The ambition of the GoTellMama! campaign is to heighten awareness of Barack Obama using non-traditional tactics. We are speaking to an audience regarding politics in ways they may not have been addressed in past elections. We believe art moves and influences in subtle and unconscious ways and speaks to the masses beyond what can be accomplished with a traditional campaign. GoTellMama! will be exhibiting the collection of screen-printed posters, stencils on canvas, and original videos dating back to 2006."

I just realized that I interviewed Ray for a publication in Asia a few years ago when he was doing the artwork for Josh Deep's label Deeper Soul. Wish I had put two and two together at the opening but anyway. If I can dig it up I'll post it. Very talented man.

Here are some pictures from the opening.

More pictures from the opening are here.

The HVW8 Gallery and Shop is located at 661 N. Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles CA 90036. If you're in the area I implore you to give them a visit - prints, t-shirts and more are available from the crew who are very much worth supporting.

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

Soul legend Isaac Hayes died earlier today following the death of comedic great Bernie Mac on Friday.

If I were Samuel L. Jackson I'd be bricking it - check this photo taken off Isaac's website.

Rest In Peace.

Goldfrapp - A & E - Hercules & Love Affair remix

To follow on from the superb Welcome Stranger track here is another dark groover but this time from Hercules & Love Affair who seem to be the darlings of the, ahem, dance media at the moment following on from their debut release and live shows that seem to have even gotten teenagers to look further than bands fronted by guys who have been shoe-horned into their skinny jeans for their musical fix. Fancy that! What they've done to musical chameleon Goldfrapp's A & E is nothing short of genius. It's a heads down late night groover that has almost afro chanting driving the electronic groove and is easily up there with the best remixes of the year. My favourite Goldfrapp story was passed onto me by a roadie friend of mine who told me that venues judge an artist's difficulty on, "a scale of one to Goldfrapp!"

Still would though.

Goldfrapp - A & E - Hercules & Love Affair remix

Welcome Stranger - Smoke Machine

All hail Thom Bullock! The man is well and truly on a roll at the moment. First there was The Laughing Light of Plenty single that seems to have capitivated all and sundry and now we have this incredible dark groover that is tailor-made for dark disco basements. Late night discoid genius from a man who most certainly can. This is the sort of record that makes you want to go out and get absolutely off your nut and dance the night away with 300 of your new best friends. Killer record!

Welcome Stranger - Smoke Machine (REMOVED)