Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose

The Laughing Light of Plenty is a new project fronted by the incredibly talented Thom Bullock of Map of Africa, Rub 'n Tug, Otterman Empire and A.R.E. Weapons infamy, and he's partnered by LA-based artist Edward Ruscha who produces music that is from the very left of leftfield. He's a man who uses stacks of analogue equipment and performs productions through live experimentation for a truly unique sound to go with his approach. He has released work through Tom Chasteen's Exist Dance label under his Dada Munchamonkey moniker. Our hero is also a member of Future Pigeon who take their influences from everything from dub to psychedelic rock, basically they're ace and I'll stick a track or two by them up in the following week. This track, which to me is a perfect accompaniment to the Dogs of War track a few posts down, is the very best of both the psychedelic rock, punk and dance worlds and is probably my favourite record of the year thus far. As this record will be out on the notoriously limited Whatever We Want Records very soon I'll only have this .mp3 available for the rest of the week at which point I'll take it down. This tune is absolutely ace and I've listened to it at least 30 times today and each time I play it louder. I'm not very far from having a bit of a pogo around my front room...ace!

The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose (Removed as it is now available at Piccadilly Records)

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mr huge said...

quality tune marc, maybe you need to amend available at piccadilly records to all sold out at piccadilly records :)