Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Hundred Project : Ashley Kanter

What is on your stereo at the moment?

Physically, there's a Dennis Coffey record on one side, and Sweat X on the other, but otherwise I've been bending my ear to The Heavy, Holy Fuck, whatever snippets are sneaking out of the new Jamie Lidell album, and giving the whole Cinematic Orchestra back catalogue a bit of a once over (again).

3 records that changed your life. Why?

Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
Dirtchamber Sessions is the album I'd tell the haters to go have a listen to, but this was the really notable album for me. Firstly because it was the first "electronic" album I got into, and secondly, because it was the first record I'd heard that, while maybe not all that clever, was eclectic in a non-superficial sense. 3 Kilos appears in the mix as a nod to that and a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

RjD2 - Deadringer
I was slowly getting into funk/jazz records when this came out, but this really pushed me full on back into organic music. Even though it was loop based a lot of the samples highlighted what was missing in the music I was listening to, and convinced me finally that I'd only play records I really loved.

DJ Food & DK - Now, Listen Again!
Apart from just thinking this is a really great mix I was listening to this at a time when I just felt lucky to be alive and it was one of those moments when everything just clicked.

What are you looking forward to?

Finally feeling satisfied with my own output, whatever that turns out to be.

What couldn’t you live without? Why?

The same things as everyone else, I guess.

Most memorable gig?

Beirut. The sort of sound experience it's impossible to record onto anything. Generally I'm a fan of imperfections and a bit of low slung grittiness, but this was a pretty good ad for craft and perfection. I can't say much more about why they're great except that you should go and see them for yourselves.

What is the best and worst thing about the city that you live in?

The best is definitely the people. There's a particular side of Jo'burg that's really special, that you'd be lucky to know without living here.

The worst is the economic disparity. The majority really grow up with so few opportunities in life that the excesses of others seem almost disgusting in contrast.Add to this, the fact that the failure to address this has led to a situation that is (understandably) threatening to tear this country apart.

Given the accelerated pace of modern culture, what are we due a revival in?

I could go in for what I'm often told is the mad ecclecticism of the 80s block party hip-hop originators. That would be nice.

Who do you admire? Why?

People like Strictly Kev, DJ Krush, Dave Eggers and Swoon. Apart from all being painfully good at what they do, there's also a sense that they're really trying to push their respective fields and trying to give other talented people opportunities to benefit from their success.

Is there anything else that you feel that we should know?

If there is, I'm probably not the right person to ask.

Ashley is a Johannesburg-based toy/art/record collector, DJ, financial whiz and the voice of reason on E-vent when he can be arsed to log on. We have uncanny similar tastes in most things.

Ashley Is A Serial Dabbler


Funkadelic - You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks
David Holmes & The Free Association - Wish I Had A Wooden Heart
Fat Freddy's Drop - Ernie
Jah Division - Heart + Soul Dub
The Prodigy - 3 Kilos
Boxcutter - Bloscid
Sweat X - Interstella
Newcleus - Jam On It
Burial - Near Dark

Download the mix here.

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