Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bruce Norman Quintet - Keeper of The Sea

This is absolutely brilliant. I've been getting into the Martin Denny Exotica sound for a while now and apparently in record stores they call it Surfrock, well they did in San Francisco at least, but I find most of the records need severe editing as there are usually some bits that are absolute rubbish nestled in and amongst the gorgeous arrangements. This record however is perfect and clocks in at a brisk two minutes and three seconds and from the first sounds of the shore and the inclement weather augmented by the absolutely brilliant horn section driving it along I'm sure that you'll agree that this record is absolutely killer. Not sure where you'd play it but it would definitely stand out during a day time balearic set with the sun lapping down and a decent sized cocktail in hand. It's not every day that I say that a record is too short but this one could definitely do with some lengthening. Now I know absolutely nothing about the artist but I definitely want to hear more. If anyone has any idea where I can find more tracks by a group that quite clearly ticks all the right boxes then please let me know. Just incredible stuff.

Bruce Norman Quintet - Keeper of The Sea

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mr huge said...

good find marc would never normally find anything like this