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One Hundred Project : Toby Tobias

What is on your stereo at the moment?
Some old Mike Dunn record I just got off Discogs.

3 records that changed your life. Why?
Clear - Cybotron
Because it was when i realised what deep was about.

Beltram - Energy Flash/LFO - LFO
Made me realise where I wanted to be since 1990, on the dancefloor!

Kano - I'm ready
That lovely fine line between disco / electronic funk / house etc.

What are you looking forward to?
My album dropping in April.

What couldn't you live without? Why?
Er water? I'm sure I'd adapt to having to live without most things.

Most memorable gig?
I think it was Dansistor in London (Horsemeat Disco) last year - it just went off massively and I played an hour or so longer than my alloted time - it was my first gay audience, too!

Who/what are your influences?
Obviously thats a massive question - and it spans my whole life so I couldn't really answer as i m constantly being influneced - but top of the list are, for production- Francois K, Carl Craig, Maurice Fulton, Tony Carrasco, Sly and Robbie, Gino Soccio, Kano, New Order, Matt Edwards, Chicken Lips, Mike Dunn, Charles Webster and for DJs - Maurice Fulton (again!!), Prins Thomas, Sasha, Steve Kotey, Colin Dale and Kev Harding.

What is the best and worst thing about the city that you live in?
London - worst thing by a mile is the underground - can't wait until I stop commuting.
Best is that it's pretty cool with lots of culture and entertainment.

Given the accelerated pace of modern culture, what are we due a revival in?
The Charleston

Hero? Why?
Francois K - because he hit the nail on the head with his productions in the early 80's and is still doing so now over 25 years later.

Is there anything else that you feel that we should know?
2008 will be a great year for new music.

Toby's first forays into production began around the heady rave days of the late eighties early nineties. Everything before this had been digested in his Gullliver and taken on some kind of influence or another, from hearing his first ever remix at 13... of Bros believe it or not, to listening to New Order's Substance on constant rotation on his Sony Walkman, to his dad's constant insistence on playing Sky or Stevie Wonder in the family car, buying his first electric guitar when he was 13, his mum buying him Crucial Electro one for christmas of 83 and the subsequent breakdancing tirade that followed.

The first productions were scored on a simple Roland sampler, and spawned tracks that were on a techno/house kind of vibe, but warranted a play from Colin Favor on his revolutoinary Kiss show. Toby's first DJing experiences were at Art College where he had the chance to play his records through a bumping JBL system, he also learned the art of throwing his own parties, using the Graphics skills he'd acquired to to do the promotional gear. An early love of deep sounds gained Toby the reputation of having something different to offer and began to spread his djing wings, as far as Scotland and Glastonbury ...

It wasn't till 2000 when he met part time music partner Craig 'Alexis Forge ' Macculough that the productions started to take shape.. they had an oppurtunity to play around with lots of music software together for a year, from these sessions Toby created a whole lot of music. It got farmed out to labels, and some of it made an appearance on Deep house label Low Pressings, one tune got picked up by Steve Kotey of Bearfunk.

From here a steady flow of productions emerged on labels such as Odori, Hi-phen and most recently Rekids and Tiny Sticks. The Rekids release 'A Close Shave' recieving great reviews and consequntly remix offers started coming in. Remixes have been done for Beat Freeze Records, Bent, Bloop recordings (Portugal) and Dialect Recordings. Side projects including edits for Urban Myth, collaborations with Danny Clark for Latenightaudio productions and a live studio group called Mythical Beast with Foolish Felix and Marcus Lee (a track called Magical Creature is waiting for closure at this very moment!!)

DJing wise , Toby DJs monthly at his own night with Danny Clark called, this has been going great guns and has pulled in some top guests as well as a healthy following, recently Toby was signed up to Warm DJ agency - 2007 promises more overseas dates, as well as the first Rekids release of the year ...with a remix from the mighty Quiet Village, more work with Bearfunk and Germany's Members of the Trick /Sonar kollectiv, a tidy package from Tiny Sticks with a remix from Mark E and more releases on Urban myth. Culminating in his first artist album on Rekids dropping in the autumn.

Toby Tobias on Myspace

Toby Tobias on Beats In Space on November 27th, 2007.


1. Beastly cuts - Communique - (Casinoboy version) - cdr
2. Peter Jacques band - the louder - rca
3. Christian Prommer's Drum lesson - rex drums - sonar kollektiv
4. Grace Jones - La vie en rose ( Casinoboy version ) - cdr
5. Soul Tourist - sidedish - drumpoet community
6. Craig Peyton - be thankful ,instr - elite
7. Rune Lindbaek - Junta Jaeger - drum island
8. Bogdan Irkuk - Foreign Tongues - rollerboys
9. DB - Red - white
10. linkwood - hear the sun - firecracker
11. Slave - baby sinister - cotillion
12. trillion -step by step - xyz
13. Casinoboy - Bluepants - cdr
14. Paul Simpson - Sucker for candy (dub)
15. David Boydell - Dub Dancing - the electric record co
16. The Dutch Rhythm band - Bonaire (max skiba remix)
17. Allen Toussaint - Its a stand off - crystal fire
18. Toby Tobias feat Pete Z - Computari - Rekids
19. Man - Spaceship - dmm

Download it here.

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