Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Hundred Project : Buddahboy

What is on your stereo at the moment?
Flying Lotus/ J Dilla (always)/ SUBA/ Trus' Me / Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings / Dwight Trible

3 records that changed your life. Why?
Dancing in Outer Space - Atmosphere - my favourite record and the one that started me dancing at 10

Making Love after Dark - Roland Rahsaan Kirk - the most amazing record i've ever heard ,a blind man playing three wind instruments at the same time. Still sounds future now and even has a sticker warning listeners that there is no band just the man himself.

Spacek - Eve (Jay Dee remix) - I heard the future and it's name was Dilla

What are you looking forward to?
Seeing Karizma Kaytronik in three weeks time. Attending Raw Fusion at the end of Feb. New ATCQ release

What couldn’t you live without? Why?
Dancing to great music across the board. But music generally- uplifting heartrending soul shaking music. The sort that demands i move to it.

Most memorable gig?
Trouble Funk in The HACIENDA in about 86

Who/what are your influences?
Not all musical some art based, some humanitarian, some literary. Musically though Art Blakey/ Pete Rock/ Patrick Adams/ Dilla / KDJ

What is the best and worst thing about the city that you live in?
Best - the lack of homogeony and indominatable spirit

Worst -pandering to students and lack of support and respect for black music promoters/dj's

Given the accelerated pace of modern culture, what are we due a revival in?
Speed Garage

Hero? Why?
Bjork - never goes with the flow, challenging all preconceptions and produces provoking music always.
Kool DJ Herc - the man who started that block party/jam in the park style without him there would have been no Hip Hop

Is there anything else that you feel that we should know?
Nah i'm a private person lol

Paul is the sharpest dressed man in Manchester with a discerning ear for quality hip hop, funk, house and soul and a penchant for a healthy debate and an eye for art and architecture that is as educating as it is eye-opening and inspiring.

I've taken the liberty of putting three J Dilla related tracks up seeing as it was the anniversary of the great mans death on February 10th, hope you don't mind Paul.

Steve Spacek - Let The Dollar Circulate

DJ Spinna - Dilla is The G.O.A.T.

Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat - Game Over - Flying Lotus remix

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