Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bjørn Torske - God Kveld

This is a real gem from the one of the original members of the Norwegian dancefloor alliance that shook up the deep house scene in the mid-90s. God Kveld is off his criminally overlooked album Feil Knapp that originally was going to be CD-only but eventually a few copies were pressed up on black crack and I've almost worn the grooves off my copy. There are some many contrived nu-disco records floating about and unfortunately the smash and grab edits and sound-the-same tunes mean that truly great tracks like this one go criminally unnoticed and tragically unplayed. This is a track that I could see a great warm-up DJ using in house clubs to devastating effect. Superb stuff.

Bjørn Torske - God Kveld

p.s. Am I the only one to find the cover of the album a bit unsettling? It's like the Mona Lisa, the eyes follow you across the room.

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Paul said...

He looks like an albino Beck!