Friday, August 1, 2008

Sly Mongoose - 模範囚/Monster Smoke

Both of these tracks are taken from the album Tip of The Tongue State of which Mule Musiq has already culled tracks like Bad Pulse and Delusion Habitfrom to rapturous responses on dancefloors last year but nothing else seems to have come from an album that is all killer and no filler, so I decided to share a few with you.

The album was a Japan-only release, which is incredibly criminal in my book as it definitely deserved to be heard by more ears. These two tracks are very different but share those qualities that made those other tracks so wonderful.

First up is 模範囚 which is veering towards the cod-reggae side of things but they reign it in just in time to make it a perfect slice of sunshine balearica that sounds incredible in the sunshine. Monster Smoke is a track that sounds very 'live' which isn't a surprise given that Sly Mongoose are indeed a live band who use very little post-production on their work - what you hear on record is very close to what you get when you hear them live and they're ripe for the festival circuit and it is a shame that bands like them, Cro-Magnon and Double Famous haven't followed in the frankly barmy footsteps of Soil & "Pimp" Sessions but anyway Monster Smoke is a psychedelic take on the disco/balearic sound that so many acts seem to be trying to do at the moment and failing miserably. It is one of those records that once you get into it, you're hooked. Superb stuff I'm sure all of you will agree.

Sly Mongoose - 模範囚
Sly Mongoose - Monster Smoke

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