Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cobra Krames - Players Choose You

This track is a little hidden gem on an 6 tracker that isn't really that much cop beyond this Willie Hutch cut-up. Cobra Krames uses I Choose You by our man and loops it to within an inch of its life and granted it does get a bit silly towards the end but bear with me. Picture the scenario, it is 4am the house lights have come on and you've been told by the Johnny Roid Rage that you have one more and you better make it a short one, so you reach into your bag and pull out this corker and it'll have the hands in the air with smiles aplenty guaranteed. Probably would go down like a lead balloon at any other time but in the right place at the right time it'll have the punters eating out of your hands. Might be a bit of a marmite tune but it is a bit of fun in a sea of seriousness. Give it a bash.

Cobra Krames - Players Choose You

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john baptiste said...

funily enough, almost exactly that scenario happen to me Friday.

After underwhelming a crowd of baile-funk/electro kids with a hour of jacked up, eighties funk re-edits -we dropped this monster and destroyed the place with our last record-(much to the appreciation of the next deejay)

I think it's called being team player.

Massive track-sounds almost dilla-esque to my battered ears.