Friday, January 4, 2008

Some more random shots.

I've seen loads of these cows all over Britain and I'm not really sure what the purpose of them is, and to be honest the silly story that I've made up in my head will only be deflated by the truth, so I'm going to leave it at that. This picture was taken at a school in Edinburgh and it's my favourite simply because of how mean it looks with those gnashers.

On my way home from work one Saturday my wife and I stumbled upon an anti-War rally that somehow turned into a pro-Hezbollah rally, which was a bizarre turn of events. One of the speakers even tried to make out that Hezbollah was justified in all the carnage and needless violence that they've inflicted on the Middle East. It all ended very tense with a group of guys physically threatening a woman for highlighting the plights of falsely imprisoned women in Iran. No wonder people get off on political rallies.

Neil Clarke at Clampdown Records sorted the wife and about six of our friends with tickets for whenSeu Jorge came to Manchester last year to play for some beer promotion type gig. The rest of the line-up and the atmosphere was a little hit 'n miss but Seu took the roof off the place with a great set including those amazing Bowie covers that he does in Portuguese and that were on the soundtrack of A Life Aquatic.

This was taken at the annual Eurocultured festival that they have in Manchester every year. Last years highlight was going to the festival completely battered with my friend Steven and I getting slightly emotional when Datarock ended their set with Bill Medley's 'I've Had The Time of My Life'. The things you do when you've had no sleep.

When we were in Tokyo a few years back Jeni was accosted by a group of Santas outside DMR for no apparent reason. This picture makes me smile every time I see it.

Taipei 101 in Taipei. great bookstore in there that is as good as anything I've seen anywhere else. Apparently renting space in the mall is ridiculously expensive and most of the stores in there do it for nothing more than face and credibility. I guess if you've got the money to burn...

The hedge to end all hedges.

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