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- Image was taken by Emma J Watling.

Peterlee's finest escapee, Antony Daly '1/3 of Suono, travelling acid house wilbury..doorman and host of after hours sessions @ td towers, soup fanatic and general all round good guy. About me? Years of playing football to a half decent standard in peterlee, came to a close after a half arsed attempt at a hugo sanchez hand spring, did my knee in, on a field in shotton colliery (fun city) in 1989.

Recouperation fell by the wayside, after i started picking up tapes from club havana in boro, wear fm radio in wonderland and records from awa sheffield way..straight red card, onto the purple ohms. I got my first set of turntables in 1991 - starting out on a matsui hi fi separate and a technics deck, from out the peterlee times, and a 'loaned' realistic mixer..needless to say, the first tapes i gave out, sounded like 2 pairs of rigger boots, getting a spin cycle in a knackered twin tub. My mixing started coming together, the following year, aided by wizzy water, a walkman, a pocket full of batteries and walks around peterlee at 4am.

After 2 breaks in her majesty's health farms in the north east, i moved to newcastle in 2000. Since moving to newcastle, i've been involved in promoting, dj'ing and generally having a good laugh. firsty, i co - founded 'Reverb', which started off as a weekly house and techno night, then added a 'freestyle' room, hosting such names as 16b, andrew weatherall, billy nasty, mr c, grooverider, nils hess, carl craig, radioactive man, nathan coles, dj bone, funk d'void, vince watson, red planet, rennie pilgrem and percy x. That ran from 2000, until 2001.we somehow managed to hold it all together, for just over a year - occasionally, we do one off parties, to remind ourselves of how stressful it all is and how much we hate losing money.

Nowadays, i'm involved in 'Suono', which until recently, was a sporadic club night, that has seen us hold parties in the tyneside cinema, the cluny,world hq and the sage. we've been fortunate enough to have the very excellent greg wilson play for us on numerous occasions, as well as manchester's hugely influential A Certain Ratio, and 2020 Sound System (Ralph Lawson, Dubble D and Silver City).our sunday sessions were held on tokyo's rooftop, in town. where we were well and truly graced, by the likes of kelvin andrews, moonboots, danny webb, deepdown / loveboat crew, phil mison, tadge and funnily enough, greg wilson.we like to think that we brought something different to newcastle on a sunday, for a year or so, and played some weird and wonderful music.'

- From his bio on Facebook.

I've had the pleasure of meeting him at various Last Rites, Electric Chair and Aficionado events and if we don't have a conversation straight off the bat when we're both stone-cold sober then we don't understand a word that each other says due to our particularly heavy polar-opposite accents. He's a genuinely lovely bloke and a cracking DJ to boot and his tats are great, if I had guns like Tony (his are the size of my head) I'd probably consider getting some of the real estate covered like he has.

If you're one of his set on Facebook he sends you a mix every other day and the quality is always high, and the mixes inspiring. He's another of those talented bastards who oscillates from balearic goodness to techno tremblers with a minimum of fuss. I'll probably be sticking up loads of his mixes in the future.

Here is a recent mix for your downloading pleasure.

586 - A Mountain Of Knockers

A Mountain Of One “Brown Piano” (Remake By Studio)
Aeroplane “Aeroplane” (Dub)
Divine Edits “The Sermon”
Aeroplane “Caramellas”
Tensnake “Seconds Of Gwernd”
Mark E “R+B Drunkie”
Jay Shepheard “Pipes n Sneakers”
Mr Flagio “Take A Chance”
Martin Rushent Presents ‘Disco Unlimited’ “Itchy Hips” (Dub Mix)
Kano “It’s A War” (Serge Santiago Mix)
Todd Terje “Itallian Stallion”
Alden Tyrell “Knockers"

Get it here.

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