Sunday, December 30, 2007

Basic Soul Interviews

Some more interviews that I have done for Simon Harrison's Basic Soul website over the past couple of years. I'm interviewing Flying Lotus soon and if there is anyone else that you think I should be interviewing then let me know.

Kirk Degiorgio
As One/ The Beauty Room and many, many more.

Kirk Degiorgio is one of the most sought-after mixers/producers/Dj in today's eclectic dance music scene. Steering away from musical cliches and sticking to his soul-boy roots, he has managed to maintain his musical integrity over the years. Having recorded under numerous aliases including As One, Elegy, Esoterik, Critical Phase, Family Values, Super-A-Loof, The Off World Ensemble and his current most expansive project, The Beauty Room with the vocalist Jinadu.

Having run the ART label (Applied Rythmic Technology) and the Op-ART label in the early 90s he released seminal early material by artists such as Carl Craig, Aphex Twin, Stasis, and The Black Dog. Degiorgio cemented his reputation with his As One albums "Reflections" and "Celestial Soul", which both made the Muzik Top 30 albums for 1994/5. Further albums for Clear and Shield secured his reputation as a producer with a unique, individual sound that often incorporated jazz, soul, and funk elements into his beautiful electronic soundscapes. Degiorgio's sound is a true reflection of his main musical influences: P-Funk, Motown, early hip hop, Detroit techno, and mid-60's Blue Note. With his Beauty Room project making huge waves over the course of the past few months you can be sure that Kirk will continue to offer us the highest quality, most sublime enriching tapestry of sounds in no matter what form they undertake for years to come, and for that our record collections will that much the better.

Read the interview here.

Tyler Askew
Rude Movements/ My Favorite Things

Tyler Askew isn't your average record hound; for a start he's a highly respected art director and designer having worked on campaigns for the likes of MAC cosmetics and Bill Blass, and since 1999 he has worked as a scribe and creative consultant for the record connoisseur's bible Straight No Chaser alongside his design mentor, the legendary Swifty. Since 2003 he and partner Karl Injex have taken over APT. in New York on the second Tuesday of every month for a gathering of like-minded people who like to get down to their eclectic jams at a heavy session they call Rude Movements. With Puma working alongside them and a record label underway you can bet that we are going hear a lot from this talented man in the future.

Read the interview here.

Kelvin Brown
Eyes Down

Originally from Coventry, Manchester-based Kelvin Brown has been shaping the local musical landscape for the past few years with his diverse DJ sets, taking in everything from jazz to hip hop to minimal techno, that have been warmly received everywhere from his own Eyes Down night to national platforms such as Benji B's "Deviation" show on 1Extra. His diary is fast filling up with dates everywhere from Jigsaw in Birmingham to destinations such as Barcelona and Porto simply because of his policy on playing music, which is that if a record is good then it needs to be heard, and it is this refreshing attitude that should keep him on the top of the pile for years to come.

Read the interview here.

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