Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Random Pictures

This was written on a Talking Heads record that my friend Pierre bought in the basement of Boven in Taipei. Must have been an in-house record that was sold when the club went to CDs. It was also probably from a foreigner friendly bar because it is written in English.

Me looking for records at DMR in Shibuya in Tokyo.

I love this picture of the little girl in a kimono that we took outside one of the shrines in Tokyo.

This is on a quiet back alley just off the bustling Dinghao shopping district in Taipei. Cracked me up every time I walked past it.

Some of the less than subtle anti-drugs advertising in Singapore.

...and the anti-smoking advertising that is at most crosswalks.

Two dassies at the penguin sanctuary just outside Betty's Bay in South Africa.

We lived down this alley in Panciao just outside Taipei for four years.

I love this picture of Jeni and Rothko. Definitely a momma's boy.

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