Tuesday, January 8, 2008


ZOUK is Singapore's most respected club. Consisting of four venues; Zouk, Phuture, Velvet Underground and the wine bar all housed in what was originally three warehouses on the banks of the Singapore River, it has set the standard for clubbing around the world. Playing host to just about every guest DJ you'd care to mention as well as numerous bands they have a booking policy that is as forward thinking as it is inclusive. I've been to the club twice, once in 2003 to see Swag and once in 2005 to see Damian Lazarus, and on each occasion I've been struck by the sheer beauty of the building as well as the clarity of the soundsystem as well as amazed by the sheer volume of booze that Singaporeans can consume.

A few years ago ZOUK published a book cryptically titled ZOUK: The Book to celebrate the history of the club up until that point. It's a beautifully designed, well thought out publication that perfectly documents the various directions and legacy of the place. It comes in a box with a ZOUKbot, a poster, stickers, a CD and the book itself. They also did a limited edition book that came with a lightbox and transparencies but it wasn't available at the time that I bought mine.

Front of the box

Back of the box

The ZOUKbot

The inside of the cover, that record does spin.

This is from the wall which all the guest DJs signed that was next to the old DJ booth. When they refurbished in 2005 they tore down the wall and all that history went with it, which is a pity.

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