Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cosmic Disco

Cosmic Disco is made up of Simon Ashton, Neil Hill and Mark Webster who by mid-2006 decided that they wanted to do something together by staging a number of parties as well as showcasing the music that they have collected and cherished over the last 20 or so years via the 'Makin Music' radio show which is aired live on Manchester's premier underground radio station - Unity Radio every Monday evening bewteen 10pm and 12am (GMT).

Neil on the right and Mark on the left, playing at Last Rites by the looks of things.

And here is Simon...looking schweet!

The show is a hodgepodge of styles with Simon and Neil, who do the bulk of the presenting, usually laying down the leftfield balearic gems and occasionally Neil will showcase his supreme mixing skills by highlighting the music from the likes of Feadz, DJ Mehdi, Uffie and the rest of the Ed Banger crew. They also do segments such as Word of The Week and Name That Bird both of which can be hilarious. This isn't your ordinary run of the mill DJ show, this is three passionate people playing music that they love and having a damn good time doing so. You can't really ask for more.

In addition to this they feature regular guest mixes and interviews from some of their good friends, favourite DJ's and musicians from all over the globe.

Their website is a true gem as well with interviews and mixes aplenty. Their most recent being with the ever affable Freak, Luke Solomon of Classic Recordings fame.

Last year they took the giant leap of getting Italian DJ Legend Bepe Loda over to the UK for his first ever shows in the country. They also did an interview and got exclusive mixes off the great man all of which you can get here.

Bepe Loda digging in Lancashire.

Do yourself a favour and check out their mixes, especially any of Simon's Space Race series, which have a permanent place on my HD, especially volume 7. You can get these and more from here.

They've recently started a residency at Trof II in the NQ, Manchester and knowing these boys you can be assured quality music and a great atmosphere whenever they take to the turntables.

One of the most useful features of the site is the Digger's Guide, which showcases some of the more out of the way record stores in and around Lancashire that the boys frequent. Some truly amazing records have been unearthed and for the best evidence check their radio show and, if you're in Manchester, go to their night... quality guaranteed.

Oh, and Simon is a City fan, so you know (1) that he has a sense of humour and (2) that he's a good chap.

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simon.ashton3 said...

Haha, good find with that picture Mark.
It's my 80's Baldelli/Jumpsuit impression...
Well, without the jumpsuit.
Nice socks/t shirt colour combo whilst rockin' the Espa's though... ;-)