Monday, January 7, 2008

Basic Soul Interviews

Larry Heard
Alleviated Music

There isn't much that hasn't already been said about Larry Heard. Along with Robert Owens under his Fingers Inc. 'guise, he came to prominence, releasing timeless classics such as the Can You Feel It and Never No More Lonely that left their marks in the annals of clubbing history, and which still sound as good today as they did when they were initially released all those years ago. He has undeniably influenced far too many people to mentions own personal output with his warm, digital and spiritual music. He has achieved all the success that he has achieved, and there is far too much to mention over the course of this short introduction, by staying true to himself, his strong sense of faith and the ideals that he has set for himself over the years. Like he says, it can be useless in trying to describe to people what they are meant to be listening to without letting them hear it first, and you could do a lot worse than put on any number of his albums and spend a few hours in this great man's company as every great note plays out.

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Members of the Trick

Trickski are made up of three people, DJs/producers Daniel "störte" Becker and Yannick Labbe, both of whom have been active for many years on the German nu-jazz scene, and Jack Migger owner of the 5Finger label, hip hop activist and general party starter. They have, by their own admission, been turning their productions and DJ work into a more groove-based techno direction of late that has seen them gain plaudits from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, The Glimmer Twins, Mad Mats and Tiefschwarz, all of whom have been captivated by their Chicago grooves drenched in Detroit tech-soul with just enough dirty German humour to make them stand out above the rest. This is certainly turning out to be the year that they gate crashed the party beer in hand and with a smile on their faces, and with forthcoming remixes for the likes of 12th Floor, Forss and Studio R their influence on the year isn't complete yet. Expect big things from Trickski in the future as they write their names into the annals of dance music history in big, black marker.

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Lost Idol
Cook Shop Music

James Dean, known as amongst others Lost Idol, F.I.T.S., J-Spool, and many more, has long been producing and releasing quality open-minded music through his at times melancholic, atmospheric and jazzed-out tendencies. Having released records in the past on seminal leftfield label, Hull's Pork Recordings and Rome's premier electronica label Nature, as well as on the Session label in the past, he has since set up Cookshop Music with fellow cohort, Le Femme in 2002 as an unrestrictive outlet for his own music, as well as that of like-minded musicians and producers whom he feels best reflect the ethos and the ideals of the label. Over the course of the last 3 years the label, and his work, has been given plaudits by DJs as diverse as Mr. Scruff and LTJ Bukem and is fast becoming one of UK's premier outlets for quality, downtempo and diverse music.

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