Monday, January 7, 2008

FAITH Strobelight Honey

Today an envelope with all the issues of Faith Strobelight Honey arrived. For those of you who don't know, it's an extremely well-written and well-designed fanzine run by London-based, Terry Farley, Jimmy Piercey and Raoul Galloway which features nothing more or less than HOUSE, HOUSE and MORE FUCKING HOUSE. It's all in here - features on your favourite DJs and producers such as Omar S, Luciano, Murk, Lindstrom, Joe 'I love EQs' Claussell, Derrick Carter, Dixon etc., features on legendary clubs such as The Sound Factory, The Saint, Amnesia etc., and other bits such as Rockin'/Shockin' and DJ Charts and much more. The best bit is that it won't cost you a penny. That's right it's gratis. They could easily get away with charging a couple of quid for it but in true acid house style they do it for the love of house music and not for any financial gain. Viva Faith and long many the 'zine continue.

Sorry these pictures are landscape instead of portrait but I can't be bothered to put them right side up. Sorry.

Here are some .pdfs of previous articles for you to look at.

Tengalia's Groovejet
Frankie Knuckles
Derrick Carter
Sound Factory
Larry Levan
Ron Hardy

To give you some background information FAITH started off in 1999 as a joint party venture between London's Soulsonic night with Stuart Patterson, Leo Elstob (now of A Mountain of One fame), Terry Farley of JBO, journalist and party runner/dj Bill Brewster and Dave Jarvis. A series of great parties that included opening parties at Fabric, london's Pacha and Turnmills helped create a communial spirit that led to the UK's only fanzine dedicated to house as mentioned above.

Check this feature on Boys Own from God knows when, but it looks like the early 90s.

Faith currently are Dave Jarvis who with Diesel also runs the infamous Heavy Disco parties and the Moton Inc. record label, Terry Farley and Stuart Patterson who also dj around the world in their jacking no nonsense style...keeping the faith.

We were privileged to have booked Diesel, Terry Farley and Stuart Patterson for various Kumo nights in 2006 and each of them brought their considerable knowledge, tunes and charm to the tables at the various venues that we put them on at. We have recordings of Diesel and Terry's sets and if I get their permission I'll post them up at a later stage.

Diesel and Paul Hughes

Stuart Patterson and myself from when we played at Sankeys. I'd regale the story of our taxi ride home that night but that's a story best told in person, was funny as.

Check these line-ups out for pure quality.

They've also collaborated with Stussy to produce t-shirts every year and below is their latest one, which was worn with pride on my many a night out. Although just a word of warning, don't wear one to a Faith night as (1) you won't be the only one (2) you'll end up meeting the Faith firm and you'll end up stumbling out into the London daylight in a right state many hours later. Actually that sounds more like a reason to wear you were.

This is the t-shirt they produced for their Innervisions gig at Plastic People in London, and it has since gone on to be the shirt to wear if you're out for a night of quality hypnotic/jackin'/minimal house grooves plus it gets the old ladies in a right tither when you're walking about in it. It's available to buy from Innervisons' webshop.

They also have a forum on their website but be forewarned, it's a place where you'll be cut down in an instant if you try and give it large as many new posters have found out much to my amusement.

Check this video of Stuart playing the classic 'Let No Man Put Asunder' at the Faith Boat Party, which inccidently came back to port an hour later than scheduled and with everyone gagging for more in proper Faith style.

Faith is HOUSE. Keep The Faith.

Oh, and as an added bonus check Big Joe working the EQs in pure comedy style. He's the God of comedy EQing and I bow down to the master.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some reading to catch up on.

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jeffo said...

I came down to the Diesel night at Fat Cat before I knew you & Paul.

Great night that was.