Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Basic Soul

Basic Soul is run by Leeds-based, Simon Harrison. Simon has been DJing and collecting records for over 16 years having got the dj bug from being a regular at the Hacienda listening to the likes of Mike Pickering and Graeme Park. Once moving to Leeds in 1992 to start university, Simon hosted a radio show on what was then probably Yorkshire's biggest pirate radio station, Dream FM, which continued until Dream FM finished broadcasting in 1996. In his final year at university he worked behind the counter of Eastern Bloc, Leeds and ended up staying there after University.

 Simon has been DJing at a number of venues around Leeds and Manchester and held a residency for 6 years at nights "Rhythm Shower" and "Performance" from 1995 through to 2001. Currently you can catch Simon at "Abstract Soul" and "Flytime" in Leeds and guesting at various venues in the UK and Europe.

 You can also catch Simon weekly on the Basic Soul Show which is broadcast on FM radio, podcast and various web-stations across the globe. Check out the ever-expanding Basic Soul website which includes album reviews, features/interviews with well known and up-and-coming artists.

Check the show here on which Simon effortlessly joins the dots between soul, house and broken beat and is one of the first names on the list of label owners and distributors when promoting their records. He's incredibly upfront and knowledgeable and his presenting style is unmistakably professional. His enthusiasm for music is infectious and I was extremely honored when he asked me to start doing interviews for his site.

I'm busy working on the new logo for his site and when I've finished that I'll stick it up on here.

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