Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ryan and Jonny have decided to tread the murky waters of blogging by focusing on their genre-bending night Hoya:Hoya. This blog has loads of potential, as does the night, because the sheer musical knowledge and enthusiasm of the pair is second to none and I, for one, will be checking the blog daily. You can bookmark the site by visiting them here.

As an added bonus I've decided to repost Ryan's excellent Hoya:Hoya Vol. 1 mix for all of you to enjoy. As you can tell from the tracklisting Ryan charts all waters from soul to dubstep to afrobeat gluing the mix together in only a way a selector as talented as he could do. Download the mix from here. I've played it over a hundred times according to my iTunes counter and I still get gooseflesh when he mixes out of the Mala into the Tunde Williams.

Ryan Hunn presents Hoya:Hoya- Volume 1

1. Stan Lelowski- The Moon (Poljazz)
2. Joe Bataan- I Wish You Love (Part 2) (Fania)
3. Doug Hammond- Wake Up Brothers (Tribe)
4. King Tubby, Scientist, Prince Jammy and The Aggrovators- Harder Dub (Fatman)
5. Lloyd Coxsone- East Of The Rockfort Rock (Tribes Man)
6. King Tubby- Puppy Dub (Fatman)
7. 2562- Kameleon (Tectonic)
8. Skream!- 2-D (Tempa)
9. Mundo- Big Up (Dub Assembly)
10. Mr Scruff- Chipmunk (Ninja Tune)
11. Mala- Left Leg Out (DMZ)
12. Tunde Williams & The Afrika 70- Mr Big Mouth (Afrodesia)
13. Le Simandou De Beyla- Festival (Syliphone)
14. Dego & Kaidi Tatham- Got Me Puzzled (2000Black)
15. Daedelus- Sawtooth EKG (Ryan Hunn Edit) (Mush)
16. Scienz Culture- Ginsu (Son of Scientist Mix) (Sunshine)
17. James T. Cotton & Rodger Devine- ARAK (CD-R)
18. Luther Davis Group- You Can Be A Star (Soul Cal)
19. The Players Association- I Like It (Vanguard)

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