Friday, July 18, 2008

Truth & Beauty

If this blog grinds to a halt for the next few days it is because I have decided to ruin my sleeping pattern by waking up at 3am to watch South Africa play England in the test match at Headingly. Being a cricket fan in the US is a lonely existence as proven last night after our rounders game when I was trying to explain the game to a few of the locals, I pretty much gave up when they said that baseball players play more shots that cricketers do.

England are 70-3 at the moment and they have their last two recognized batsmen at the crease...BOKKE!!!


Mike O'Mara said...

Just seen your comment on the TMS on the BBC Site,im hoping youve now jinxed the day fella

C'Mon Freddie :-)

Marc Kets said...

185-8 says I haven't jinxed it.

Dano said...

Posting a pic of Cook getting a stinker, tsk!

Marc Kets said...

Was the first picture that popped up on the BBC site, so I went with it.