Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plaid - Ralome

Ralome is off of Plaid's standout electronica albumRest Proof Clockwork that totally blew my mind when it was unleashed in 1999. Plaid initially were a side project for Black Dog Productions but obviously as WARP took on the project and once everyone was drawn to tracks like Ralome and Rakimou the little brother soon became the main man. This track is as balearic as anything I have ever heard, if you're a fan of Tortoise, Voice of The Seven Woods, Broadcast and the like then you'll love this superb slice of sunshine electronica. Charles Webster recently included it on his compilation for 'Defecated' and it is just the sort of record that I'd given the chance play early doors on at 'Nado or at my new night Shaved Guevara (more on that later) but my only complaint is the frankly awful Kid Acne artwork that dated the moment it went to the printers. Dive in, the water is great.

Plaid - Ralome


grellan said...

Found your site about a week ago and am majorly impressed by your musical tasted. Keep the hits coming!

Marc Kets said...

Thanks Grellan, much appreciated. If you want to do the One Hundred Project then drop me a line at marc.kets[at] and I'll send you details.