Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rubies - I Feel Electric - Tiedye remix

So just who are the Rubies? Well thanks to my great and learned mate Google I have been blessed with the knowledge that they are a female Californian surf-rock band, which sounds great in all truth - I'm already pencilling their name onto the 'bands we like' list just on the basis of them being all-female and surf-rock. This track, which came out on Mike Simonetti's superb Italians Do It Better label has already been exciting DJs and tastemakers the world over and it is easy to see why. Gothenburg-duo Tiedye are manning the remixing desk and make for what is a real sunset or sunrise journey to bliss. With it's layered guitar work and floating almost sultry vocal augmented by a driving rhythm this is one of those records that is made for the break of a new day. It is also limited to 500 pieces, so be quick.

Rubies - I Feel Electric - Tiedye remix

Read a great interview and download a mix by Italians Do It Better head honcho, Mike Simonetti on the superb Cosmic Disco website here.

**EDIT** Here is an interview with the Rubies on Cosmic Disco again, read it here.

p.s. If anyone has any information on Tiedye then please steer me in the right direction as I've only heard this remix and the Metallica cover and they're both superb. Basically, I want more.

Oh and here is the original in music video form. I also think I may have a massive crush on one of the ladies in the group, shhhhh don't tell the wife.

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simon.ashton3 said...

hey mark.
we also interviews simone rubi last year, which you can read here:
really looking forward to hearing their full album...