Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heavy Editing

Some more Whatever We Want-related goodness here. Otterman Empire is yet another alias for one half of Rub 'n Tug, Thomas Bullock. On this one, Thom has sliced and diced Vangelis' post-The Forminx track Babylon which was released with his new band Aphrodite's Child who counted Demis Roussos as one of the members, that's a double points score on the balearic scale right there. What Thom has done is taken an already energetic track, force-fed it far too many vodka and Redbulls and dragged it kicking and screaming into nightclubs the world over and this is one of those records that makes a night in either incarnation. The Greeks conquer again!

The original Whatever We Want release, which I've seen go for silly money on eBay in recent months, is available for $8 from Amoeba in Hollywood and when I was last there I saw at least four of them in the racks, so fill your boots.

Otterman Empire - Babylon & On

Aphrodite's Child - Babylon

Oh yeah and check this great Nike ad.

And with that Barca v Scum is about to kick off. As a neutral I'm hoping for a Barca v Liverpool final as a United v Racists final will be unwatchable and deathly boring.

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