Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is the first of a new series where I'll be looking at nights all over the world and having the protagonists behind the madness tell us about the ups and downs of their endeavors in their own words. First up we have the North East's Suono. Check the fliers, they're ace.

We set up in 2004, as a direct response to the 2 a penny bling bling and funky house nights that were strangling the life out of Newcastle's nightlife..Lads with 3 haircuts on one head, dancing to wailing house wasn't really our thing, nor was trance (unless it was the klf played at 33 instead of 45rpm).

Our first party was held in the rather splendid art decor building that holds the Tyneside Cinema in July 2004. (those that made it down still talk about it now - and it is one of Greg Wilson's favourite gigs since he returned to dj'ing). After that grand start, we went on to hold parties inThe Cluny (putting on Manchester's hugely influential A Certain Ratio), World Hq (Greg Wilson all night) and The Sage (2020 Soundsystem and Greg Wilson), and a riotous night at the Northumberland Arms with the Idjut Boys and 300 helium balloons. The idea being that each party would use a different venue and keep the vibe fresh!

Our Sunday sessions have been held on Tokyo's wonderful rooftop since May 2005, and on Bank Holiday Sundays at the Tanners, one of Newcastle's finest beats and beer bars - just outside the city centre. We've been well and truly graced by the likes of Kelvin Andrews, Moonboots, Ashley Beedle, Danny Webb, Deepdown / Loveboat Crew, Phil Mison, Tadge and funnily enough, Greg Wilson, and been switched onto some lethal music. We always kick off at the ungodly hour of 5pm Sunday Tea Time and usually get kicked out about midnight, which gives us plenty of time to stretch our legs (but more importantly, 7 hours of boozing). More recently we've kindly been asked to do the upstairs room at Error_ where we've brought Phil Mison and Balearic Mike up to Newcastle, to play old disco records to a crowd of young modern house and techno heads.

We like to think that we've brought something different to Newcastle over the course of many a lost weekend for a few years, played some weird and wonderful music and hopefully inspired like minded people to get digging through the record bargain bins for lost treasures and drop the bpm, well below 120 while still swaying on the sabbath!! For the future, expect more of the same; the odd party, and Sunday night boozing while listening to great music with weekend warriors, long lost rave casualties and new friends!

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For more information on the thoroughbred rave-horse that is Tony 586 you can read here.

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