Monday, February 4, 2008

Yoske Nishiumi

Yoske Nishiumi is a designer that I only found out about today and although he's been around a while but I couldn't find too much on him on the old Interweb (to be honest I didn't dig too deeply) but he does seem like the type of illustrator/designer who is aware of the overall symbiosis of aesthetics combined with the narrative of what is trying to be conveyed by the campaign on which he is working, which is easier said than done. Basically he ticks all the right boxes for me. Here is what I found out:

After working at an american company in Tokyo for 8 years Yoske Nishiumi left japan to travel for a while, which eventually resulted in him settling in Berlin in 2000. He defines Berlin as a city where you define people not by where they live or the company they work for, but by who they are as a person - the music they listen to, food they eat and other interests.

All of his projects are in collaboration with Zen Yoshimoto and Julia Boettcher of Koi Klub from their offices in Berlin.

For 4 years, the japanese sports fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger, has teamed up with Koi Klub, originally by offering products to DJs and musicians who played at the koi klub and recently by asking Nishiumi to design his own shoes.

The ├╝ber cool creative movement Koi Klub boasts a collection of work, which includes art pieces, sneaker designs, a magazine and a free monthly club-night - from which the iniative began.

This drawing is the original concept for the metamorphosis from the koi to the shoe.

...and this is the utterly blindingly brilliant final sculpture/shoe. I'd break my adidas rule/obsession to get my mitts on these.

For more information on Yoske Nishiumi look no further than here.

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