Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Harmonic 313

Mark Pritchard has been pushing styles forward since his early days with Tom Middleton and their Evolution label. It’s the notion of experimentation in the face of convention that lies at the heart of Mark’s music, whether he’s recording with Tom under the guise of Global Communication or Jedi Knights, or solo as Reload, Harmonic 33, Troubleman or Use of Weapons. Aside from his LPs and various projects, Mark has also contributed to a plethora of remixes for the likes of The Orb, Lamb, Azymuth, and KRS-1. His new project alongside Dave Brinkworth under the Harmonic 313 'guise that he introduced us to on his remix for Azymuth last year. Harmonic 313 focuses on 'Detroit-Style' hip-hop hence the 313 (the dialing code for Detroit fact fans). Harmonic 313 have just released their first EP and it is an absolute belter, wonky bleepy techy hip hop is the order of the day and it is just what the disco doctor ordered. Superb and original stuff, but what else would you expect from Warp Records? It's early days yet but this could find itself in many end of the year charts come December.

The website is incredibly original, offering the chance for you to download Problem 7, which isn't on the EP, if you can solve the colour-coded problem. The guys behind Warp always come up with innovative and original ways of marketing their records and this is so simple yet so very effective. Hats off to them.

Harmonic 313 - Problem 7
Harmonic 313 - Word Problems

Check the website here.

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Mellow Jonny said...

great post, first time I've been over to KUMO, will be linking up from our blog; all the best