Thursday, January 17, 2008

SNKR FRKR best of 2007

I'm a sneaker head and then some. I outnumber my wife in the shoe department 10 to 1 and she's no slouch herself. I could give you a sob story about how when I was growing up my family couldn't afford to buy me all the OG kicks, so I'm making up for lost time but the truth is that I just love shoes with adidas being my poison of choice. One of the foremost publications on sneakers and sneaker culture is Sneaker Freaker based out of Australia, which is an enthusiastic and exhaustive look at the constant developments and trends in the world of kicks. They've recently published their best of 2007 feature and to be honest I don't really agree with the choices as they're all Nike based (and someone even chose a pair of Chuck Taylors) but it may be worth a gander for those of you who have no love for the three stripes.

Claw Money check her choice here.

Bobbito Garcia check his choice here.

Read the article here.

And for the record these lavender Superskates from their limited Flavours of The World series were my choice for best shoe of 2007.

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