Friday, January 18, 2008

Coming Soon

I've got loads of bits 'n pieces coming up both here and on Basic Soul such as interviews with Flying Lotus (Warp Records), Carlos Nino (Build An Ark), Dubble D (20:20 Vision), Colonel Red (Ruff Language) and Darian (Reel People). I'm also doing a feature on here where I'll be doing short interviews with 100 people and hopefully they'll also be furnishing us with short mixes/blends that I'll be sharing on my new podcast that I'll be starting soon, the interviews will be a little more off beat then the ones that I do for Basic Soul and hopefully you'll enjoy them. The people I've chosen for the series are from all facets of life; artists, musicians, producers, label owners, collectors, friends, pimps and pushers, and the reason why they've all been selected is purely because I like them, simple really.

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