Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Bears Upstairs Radio Show

Paul Hughes & TC, they'll be here all week and please do try the fish...

It is quite honestly going to snow in the Sahara today, The Bears Upstairs have only gone and recorded a show after what seems like years and here is part one and part two for your listening pleasure. Paul, TC and Jif were the disco granddads on duty.



Journey To The Moon: Armstrong & Aldrin
The Whitest Boy Alive: 24k
The Dynamics : Whole Lotta love
Gabriela Cilmi: Sweet about me (Ashley Beedle vocal)
Freddie Cruger: Running from love (instrumental)
Giorgio Moroder: Sooner or later
Leo's Sunship: I'm back for more
Melody Stewart: I'm Ready For Love (SJNRL06)
Debbie Jacobs: Lovin Spree
Ahzz: New York's Movin'
David Gilmour Girls: Tar & Feather
Half Cousin: The Absentee (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
Blackghosts: Repetition kills you
Hipnosis: End Title (Blade Runner out theme)


Denton & Cook: Tomorrows World Theme from the BBC series

And then back to...

Hipnosis: End Title (Blade Runner out theme)
King Creosote: You've no clue, do you
Haircut 100: Ski club of Great Britain
Sade: Paradise (dub)
Leo's Sunship: Give me the Sunshine
Detroit Emeralds: Baby let me take you
J Dilla: Love Jones
The Chosen Few: Shaft
Loud E: Palaza break
Joe R Lewis: Love Of My Own
Eddie Russ: I Heard That
Ofra Haza: Im nin alu
Monsoon: Ever so lonely
Barbara & Ernie: Play with Fire
Lola: Wax the van
Earons: Land Of Hunger

You can listen to them every Thursday on Unity Radio at 10pm UK Time. I get proper mardy when I miss a show as I'm guaranteed a few laughs and cracking tunes, I do get a big sad though as I miss the hairy gits.

1 comment:

Andrew TC said...

Hello Marc

Thanks for the kind words on our radio show. I been told by Clockie that he has found 3 x45min tapes (wow mix tapes! how retro)from the early show. Fingerscrossed this is the acid house party shows we did.

Love the blog. In our own little way it's inspired us.

Keep up the good work fella.

PS Let me a date for the Test Match. It will sell out and we need to get tickets ASAP.