Monday, August 11, 2008

Kumo Under 7's

I'm busy toying with the idea of starting a 7" label, which will hopefully be home to four to five minute balearic, cosmic, italo, dubstep and afro belters that have a pop sensibility - if that makes any sense. In an ideal world I'd have a John Martyn type record on one side with a dubstep remix on the flip. Basically I'm looking for music that suits the 7" format, more songs than 15 minute disco workouts. I'm after everything from edits to originals, so if you have any records that you're shopping at the moment then please don't hesitate to contact me at marc.kets[at] I already have a couple of releases lined up, so stay, ahem, tuned. They'll be released with full-colour sleeves and on a run of 500. Also if you know of any producers that it might be worth contacting then please don't hesitate to let me know.

This will tie in with the clothing line that I am launching in March 2009. I have a few of these t-shirts still available so if you're after one then contact me for sizes/availability.


Arthit said...

what will be the name of the label? do i have to buy it directly or will you stock it at Rough Trade or something?

clampdownrecords said...

I could stock these for Ya!but you will probably give them just to piccadily

Marc Kets said...

They're probably going to be sold directly but if you or anyone wants to stock any then that will be ace.