Thursday, August 14, 2008

Full Circle

Upper Space Gallery presents Full Circle a fundraiser for the D.P.M. Crew.

On Friday the 15th of August, Upper Space - the North West's only designated contemporary street art and graffiti gallery will be launching its next exhibition - 'Full Circle' to the general public. The exhibition will be showcasing works by the most contemporary graffiti writers in the North West of England alongside a weekend of free events at the Upper Space. The exhibition was curated in response to recent media coverage of graffiti and to explore the juxtaposition between the two sides of the ongoing question - art or crime? Drawing together some of the oldest and most prolific graffiti writers from across the region and from further afield - some of whom have been recently imprisoned or have been on trial for graffiti, for their first group exhibition.

Upper Space hopes to engage the general public and raise aware to the need to change government policy in relation to graffiti with particular emphasis on the distinct lack of legal wall space that is available in city centres for artists to practice and develop their art on. Upper Space feels this only perpetuates the negative impact of graffiti on society today. Coming 'Full Circle', we begin a campaign to engage local government members and community leaders to help provide solutions to some of the negative issues that surround this artform today.

As of the 10th of July, 5 graffiti writers from the D.P.M. Crew received prison sentences for acts of vandalism in the London area. Full Circle will be a fundraiser for their appeals as well as being a chance to showcase elements of hip hop to the community in addition to continuing their appeal for legal walls to be designated so that artists can be free to paint and express themselves.

The festivities include a launch party on August 15th for the exhibition that runs until September 19th and includes works by artists such as Kid Acne, 30Dz and many more. On August 16th they'll be celebrating the four elements of hip hop culture with an all-day event that will take in graffiti, breakdancing, MCing and DJing. On August 17th there will be a full day of screenings of films such as Style Wars, Wildstyle, Scratch, XTC and more. There will also be painting outside the warehouse at various locations. All three days are free to get in and if you're in the area I implore you to go and support what is a very worthy cause. For more information check here.

This image is a sneak preview of what you can expect this weekend.

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