Saturday, July 26, 2008

Street Choir - Workin'

I don't know an awful lot about this track beyond that it samples Van Morrison and came out on a mysterious white label back in 2002. Judging by the amount of mixes that it has appeared on and the reactions that it gets in the clubs that it has been well and truly well received by the bearded guardians of balearica. If anyone knows anything else about this record then don't hesitate to let me know.

Street Choir - Workin'

I'll be in San Francisco for the rest of the week and hopefully I'll come back with a few bits to share.


davey said...

Marc, awesome tune. Thanks so much for posting this, and so many others. I can't understand why people never leave comments of support- so:
keep on keeping on, dude.

dave in berlin.

Marc Kets said...

Cheers for that Davey. Much appreciated.

wegonow said...

I have a DJ friend called James Alaska who knows the guys who made the bootleg... look him up on myspace and see if you can track down any more info...


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
This tune was made by two guys who might not want you to know their real names ( cos strictly speaking they owe ALOT in royalties) let's call them Mr. C and Mr.C.
They were great guys, one was swedish jazz DJ and the other an English singer songwriter, we used to run a great night DJing together called 'choir practice' in a speakeasy venue in Soho called the tatty bogle club.
Mr.C had a lot of interest from Van the Man himself who wanted to license the track for a new (2002 or 3) greatest hits compilation of his - but pulled out at the last minute.
They also remixed Aretha's 'Rock Steady', 'Phone booth'by Robert Cray and 'Funky Kingston' by Toots and the Maytals in a similar style, but none shifted as well as 'Workin' which sold 3500 on white label.
They were great guys to hang out with and liked to party a lot. Mr.Z is still DJing while the other Mr Z. gave me his record collection (what a diamond!) before hanging up his headphones and setlling down to be a husband and dad. You're right its a great tune!
all the best,
James Alaska.