Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Gaslamp Killer feat. Gonjasufi - Kobwebs

The Gaslamp Killer is the resident DJ at Low End Theory out here in Los Angeles, and you can watch a trailer to the documentary that they made here. The scourge of gaslamps everywhere is an integral part of the burgeoning LA beat scene alongside the likes of Daedelus, Nobody and Flying Lotus. His work, from what I have heard, is an amalgamation of rock posturing with hip hop sensibilities with a solid dose of psychedelia thrown in for good measure. I don't know all that much about him beyond from the videos of his that I've watched on Youtube and like many of his contemporaries he looks like an incredibly forward-thinking DJ. This track Kobwebs is off From LA With Love (thanks for reminding me, Ryan). This is just the sort of thing I wish I had more of, so any recommendations please hit me up.

The Gaslamp Killer feat. Gonjasufi - Kobwebs

The Gaslamp Killer is playing at Sketch City's 3rd birthday celebrations on Sunday June 15th along with Samiyam. Both he and The Gaslamp Killer are part of the forward-thinking LA scene, alongside artists like Daedelus, Kutmah and Flying Lotus. Both brilliant producers and DJs, they have releases on Dublab and Fat City to their name, as well as Samiyam's forthcoming EP for Hyperdub, one of the best dubstep labels around.

This month Sketch City will have more art than ever before, be staying open later than ever before and probably drinking and eating more than ever before, so make sure you join Sketch City to celebrate their birthday in style!

On the decks:
The Gaslamp Killer (Low End Theory, LA), Samiyam (Hyperdub Records), Ryan Hunn, Jonny Dub, Neil Trenier

On the boards:
Laurie Pink, Benjamino, Lispensie, Pavi, Inka, Mr Gauky (Darkside Farmers), 30DZ (Gameover Crew), Eight-Bit, Yeti, Tankpetrol, Hammo and more!

Sunday 15th June
Contact (Behind The Academy)
Oxford Road

£6/£5 NUS/Under 18s
5pm-later than usual!

For more info on the event why not join the Sketch City group or confirm your appearance at the event.

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the Skinny said...

You can check out the "spit on your grave" mix off obey records that was just released (turntable lab or internet). it shows off what glk is capable of in a full set. quite ill