Saturday, June 7, 2008

Atjazz interview

Martin Iveson has come a long way since he unleashed his Atjazz monker onto our ears through his own Mantis Imprint in 1996. He has since released two albums including the exceptional work ‘Labfunk’ in 2001 and he has recently released his third opus ‘Full Circle’, where he has collaborated with the mighty Robert Owens on tracks such as ‘Love Someone’, which has found favour with tastemakers the world over. He has recently started the Version project with dance music royalty Charles Webster and judging by the fruits of their labour over the past few years this is going to keep Martin at the very precipice of quality music for years to come. Martin Iveson is certainly someone who puts swing in all his music and his records invariably have kept me entertained on dancefloors the world over.

To read the interview click here.

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