Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Good Fortune

Being a record collector has lead me to interesting places from record stores in basements of linen factories in Singapore to attics of hairdressers in Taipei to market stalls in Thailand and to more established stores in Japan and occasionally I get given records by people who have ditched the black crack in favour of a shiny piece of plastic and I am always eternally grateful when that happens as I'm sure you can imagine.

I've had two bits of luck this year, the first one was when I bought a 7" off a guy in Canada who sent me all of his 7"s at no extra charge. I paid $10 for 100+ singles, which included tracks by Giorgio Moroder, Sheila B. & Devotion, various Norman Whitfield produced bits, various Patrick Adams produced bits and loads more. The actual 7" that I bought off the guy was unplayable but I didn't complain.

The second bit of luck came yesterday when one of my colleagues invited me round to peruse his record collection from his 'mispent youth' and said I could have anything that I wanted. I walked out with records by King Sunny Ade, Roxy Music, various albums with The Meters as the backing band, Marvin Gaye, Parliament, Funkadelic, Herbie Hancock and tons more goodness. I'm still going through them, so posting on here might slow down considerably while I find some hidden gems and take a huge gulp of inspiration.

They also say that things happen in threes and I'm off to the big sale at Record Surplus on West Pico at the end of May where they have an attic full of records that they're going to be selling at the dizzy price of 92c for three. I may need to build more shelving.

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