Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Map of Africa - Freaky Ways

Map Of Africa is a band formed of the combined forces of Tonka Soundsystem and balearic DJs wet dream, the legendary Harvey and one half of Rub 'n Tug and former A.R.E. Weapons member Thom Bullock.

Having grown up together in the wilds of Fen-land East Anglia they have found their way into a studio built in the old barn of a commune compound deep in the woods and rivers of Northern New York State. From here they have single-handedly written and recorded their first album of songs that, though they are clearly the work of individual vision, can at times remind you of the bands Can and Hawkwind or for that matter Godley and Creme.

Harvey is known for his ridiculously expensive Black Cock releases and having ushered in the current wave of re-edit hysteria as well as his unique remix and production style that along with his international DJ performances has kept him in a position of cult status amongst disco and dance connoseurs for the past two decades. Here are a couple of interviews with the bearded one that may give you a bit more insight into the mythical status of the man - read here and here.

Bullock is most easily recognized for his role in his DJ partnership Rub 'n Tug but may also be remembered as the man behind the music of an earlier NY super nova; A.R.E. Weapons. Now as well as his work with Harvey he is recording an LP under the handle of Bobbie Marie and producing several other groups all for the Brooklyn's Whatever We Want Records. Both Harvey and Thom aren't shy of a good time and have more fun than the punters most nights, which is my style, and if we had more DJs having a good time and less looking like bored electricians checking their e-mail then we'd be all the better for it.

I've chosen this track by the band, and even though the instrumental is far superior and is mercilessly devoid of Harvey's at times karaoke singing, this track does give you an idea of what the band is all about. It's a record that initially left me very cold but having listened to it a lot in recent months it has grown on me a lot and my wife likes it, so double bonus points there. Buy the whole album and give it some time, I guarantee you'll like it. The vinyl will cost you silly money though, be warned.

Map of Africa - Freaky Ways

Harvey in his element on Venice Beach.

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