Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mathew Dear - Deserter

When I first heard that Matthew Dear aka Audion aka False aka Jabberjaw was doing an album of songs I was immensely sceptical as to wether or not he'd be able to pull it off as it seemed like a big task for someone who was best known for making linear techno but I shouldn't have feared as his album Asa Breed turned out to be one of the best albums from any genre last year. I particularly like Deserter, which was a record that I thought a lot more of the balearic crowd would get behind but I didn't see it featured in many playlists last year. Lyrically it's very good and musically it is off the charts. Its not every day that you hear a record from start to finish and think that it is too short and I definitely think that Deserter could go on for a bit longer, which is why I have taken to doubling it up like a proper DJ. You truly should buy the album if you haven't already, with records like Don & Sherry (which sounds immense in it's DJ Koze remixed form) amongst a crop of superb cuts it will be money very well spent.

Matthew Dear - Deserter

Check this video for Don & Sherry done by New York's Plus et Plus for some linear film-making at its best.

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