Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yeasayer - Sunrise

I was put onto Yeasayer by my great mate Jeffo from The Bears Upstairs, and this Brooklyn-based quartet who describe their sound as "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel". That's almost the whole story as you could easily throw in Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac some Brian Eno sonic gymnastics and while you're at it add a dash of David Byrne's brilliant leftfield charms and you might be even closer to the truth. What I like about Yeasayer is that they're completely and utterly original and certainly unclassifiable and that, my friends, makes them the best thing that has hit the musical landscape in a long, long time.

Their album kicks off with a healthy does of pan-ethnic spirituality, and Sunrise is the sort of record that lends itself to ears of all generations. The production values are superb and are best represented on the song's falsettoed chorus, which is then fleshed out with a vague Far Eastern vibe and droned out superbly in synthetic ambience. It is an unbelievably good record and hopefully in a sea of, well, middle-of-the-road bullshit records that record stores are drowning in at the moment this will rise to the top and it should be a compulsory purchase at your local record emporium instead of all those crap edits and all those throwaway plodding cosmic/nu-disco records, it is that good. 2080 is just as good as is the rest of All Hour Cymbals, it is faultless. Buy it, play it and I can almost guarantee that you'll fall in love with it just as I have.

I've also included the Hey Champ remix of Sunrise, which is a bit Shoreditch-shit haircut-trendy for me but I'll let you make up your own mind about it.

Yeasayer - Sunrise

Yeasayer - Sunrise - Hey Champ remix

Yeasayer - 2080

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