Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Theo Parrish x adidas

Some of you may have seen this advertisement/video of Theo Parrish walking around the streets of Detroit recording sounds for the adidas Sounds of The City series that I think the guys from HVW8 are doing as well. I didn't realise that it was an ad until the very end, which is kind of the way how I like it.

For those of who that don't know, Theo Parrish is a Detroit-based musician/producer known for his Ugly Edit series that go for major coin on eBay when someone is dumb enough to want to give one up. His edit of Etta James 'In The Basement' is particularly good and amongst his huge back catalogue, which you can see here are records such as The Rink, Dan Ryan, the amazing Dirt Rhodes, Summertime is Here and my personal favourite Reaction to Plastic all of which put this man on a level playing field with some of the Motor City's finest producers such as Moodymann, Carl Craig and Recloose but is a pity that most of his records are seemingly pressed on bin lids, which does effect the sound and quality of them. Theo's DJ sets are as gritty and raw as his music is and make him a must see if he is ever playing anywhere near you.

Theo Parrish - Ugly Edit 5

Theo Parrish - Soul Control

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