Sunday, February 10, 2008

A day in LA

Yesterday the better half and I went to Long Beach to get her pampered at the salon, and to LA to go look at some galleries, get the keyboard on our MacBook fixed and to sit in traffic apparently.

This was on the 5 just before you turn off to Disney Hall/Little Tokyo. Not sure what the deal with it but the tag on top of the piece adds to it, I think.

The view of the Hollywood sign from the parking lot at The Grove/Farmer's Market. We're not all that impressed with The Grove in all truth, it's a bit too haughty for us and lacks that LA grit that makes the place so unique.

One of Shepard Fairey's Obama prints on Melrose.

Not sure who did this or what is about but I quite like these Kanye and Miles posters.

Miles again on Melrose.

HVW8's' gallery just off Melrose with a poignant Bhuto piece in the window. Read the post that I wrote on them here.

My birthday is coming up, so if you're stuck for ideas...

Inside the gallery.

I also managed to pick up copies of The Blackbyrds Action, which has the superb Mysterious Vibes on it, Hugh Masekela The Boy's Doin' It, which some of you may remember from the Carl Craig remix that came out a few years back and the Metro Area remix of Mama that also made itself at home on my turntables all of which stemmed from tracks on this album, but the real gem was the OG copy of Gil Scott-heron and Brian Jackson's incredible Bridges album. Time to put the re-issue on Discogs.

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