Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kelvin Brown on Unity Radio + Northern Comfort x The Bears

More excellence from my favourite DJ. Inspirational stuff.

Picture by Emma J Watling.

I think that Robd says it best on Northern Comfort when he wrote, 'Feel the width. The broad range of styles on show in the mix is what we’ve come to expect, and again quite remarkable; moving across numerous genres without any drop in excellence. All bow down to the Brown.'

Download the mix on Northern Comfort.

For more on Kelvin you can read here.

A punter giving respect to Kelvin at the end of the final Chair a few weeks back. Picture by Emma J Watling.

...and staying on theme - Robd, Catcalledmorris, Treva Whateva and Sad Eagle who make up the Northern Comfort set were guests on The Bears Upstairs radio show this past Thursday. Download the show and have a gander at the superb tracklisting here.

Spaceface, Jif and TC internetting.

Tallest man in dance music, Robd.

Spaceface, most likely to go with me on a wine tour.

Jif & TC

Back left to right: Elisabeth, Spaceface, Catcalledmorris, TC, Treva Whateva and Jif.
Front: Sad Eagle

All pictures by Elisabeth and Robd.

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