Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spotted in Kumo Gear

Stuart Patterson spotted in a Kumo shirt. Nice one, Stu.

From Bodytonic.

"The very NYC sounding East Village opens in February in London on the site of the old Medicine Bar (the former venue that Bodytonic had a residency in for a short while) in Shoreditch.

Resident Stuart Patterson is one of the men behind the new venture and we've heard whispers of a quality sound system being installed and eclectic line-ups that already sound great. Giles Peterson and his Brownswood label family will be running a monthly residency too and the likes of Karizma, Andy Weatherall, Clive Henry and Terry Farley are playing in the coming months. From our experience there, the downstairs area in particular has great potential. The venue is located right beside Favela Chic and our favourite bar in London, the Foundry, is only across the road too. All are worth checking out if your in London anytime soon..."

It all kicks off on Friday, February 22nd and more info can be found here.

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