Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Bears Upstairs

Jeffo, Jif and TC

The Bears Upstairs managed to record a radio show the other night after Jif, and I'm not making this up, decided to read the instructions for his new gizmo.

Thursdays show saw TC, Jif and Jeffo playing music from the likes of Jaz, Man Friday, Michael Head & The Strands, Fink, Black Mountain, Norman Connors, Aeroplane and many more while I listened to it with one eye on the snow coming down outside my house in California. Yes, you read right, it does indeed snow in parts of California and I live in one of them...just my luck.

Download the show here and for more details including a full tracklisting look no further than here.

You can listen to the show every Thursday from 10pm until midnight here or you can see them in person at their monthly excursions at Jam St. and The Salutation over the course of the next year. Check the blog for more details.

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