Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fabric Podcast + One Hundred Project

So yesterday when I was sitting down to design the new Earthworm (what is that all about?) and DJ Quiet cover, I wanted a little bit of musical inspiration and stumbled upon the Fabric Podcasts. Basically what they're doing is pretty much the same thing that I'm asking people to do with my One Hundred Project and that is play the music that has influenced you however bizarre or obscure that may be.

Craig Richards - former Tyrant king of bleeps - kicked off his podcast with the frankly amazing Lets Straighten It Out by Lattimore, which is just the sort of record that would get worn out by me, and if any of you know where I can purchase a copy of said release then please get in touch as I've tried Discogs and GEMM and had no luck whatsoever. He also found the time to stick in I Am The Greatest by the great Cassius Clay now obviously known as Muhammad Ali and it just underlines how unique he was in his pomp and his superb delivery and turns of phrase are superbly reflected on this recording.

Andrew Weatherall's is an anecdote heavy slash though his youth while Doc Scott's charters water everywhere from soundtrack to old school hip hop and ends with the beautiful Journey of The Dragons by the mighty UR. Next up is Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records infamy who as you may know has a penchant for the obscure and he plays a heap of music from his extensive collection of library music and soundtracks for what is ultimately something that I never thought I'd be into but I have to admit that I have been seeking a few of them out on the ol' Interweb this morning.

You can subscribe to the podcast here, and I'm imploring you to do so as it is shaping up to be quite brilliant.

Now, if you're reading this and love music then you should get in touch as I'd love to have you take part in the One Hundred Project. I don't really care if you are a DJ or not, all I care is that you're passionate about the music that you love. I'm going to get my wife to do one as I'm always surprised by the frankly brilliant records that she pulls out of her extensive CD collection, and she is about the furtherest thing from a DJ that you'll ever get although if she was one she'd be brilliant at it.

Dive in, the water is warm.

Oh, and this is what the cover looks like so far. I'm going to be adding some elements to it later but as it is I quite like it.

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