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James Kumo - Kumomusic Vol 1 - Ann Aimee

January will see the release of James' (Victoria or Posh Spice as I like to call him) debut EP on Ann Aimee, which is the sister label to The Netherlands' almighty Delsin Records imprint. They're busy promo'ing it at the moment and as you can tell from the reactions it's going to do well by the looks of things. DJ Rolando of UR fame has even stuck one of the tracks into his most recent chart. As you can probably guess we're massively proud of James here at Kumo HQ.

Release date: January 2008

Press/DJ Feedback:

"Beautiful, as always full radio support " - Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

"Fluid chugs along nicely, this one should definitely get things going in a set...45 days days is the pick of the EP for me...taking things up a notch from Fluid, will be able to find lots of ways to work this in..Koma is really nice, no way to play it except for a non dance situation but still great to listen to and play whenever possible.. very creative and original EP!" - Dan Curtin (Metamorphic)

"45 days!!!!! i played this 45 times in one gig!!!!!" - Vince Watson (Bio Music / Delsin)

"Raw and basic. Will try out the 45 days, as I can imagine this doing the best in the clubs." - Josh Wink (Ovum)

"some nice ideas, Fluid probably wins by a nose. Promising." - Lars Sandberg (Funk D'Void Productions)

"45 Days for me. The straightforwardness will work for dancefloors." - Ken Ishii (70 Drums)

"and again 3 great tracks wich i just don't know wich one to prefer,very cool and original ideas which inspire me a lot....winner!" - Benny Rodrigues

"Fluid and 45 Days will work perfectly in my sets. Koma is good for the radio. Full support !" - Tomaz (Switch - Studio Brussel)

"Fluid's got a deep,bumping and dark vibe that works well but 45 Days is the one for me with it's BIG peaktime full on sound. Can see that really going off in the clubs Very nice." - Colin Lindo (Nubian Mindz)

"Yo Delsin - Consider "Fluid" as the opener to dj any set. The ladies will freak to hypno vibe. 45 - Gets mad support from my side as well, A dark track but Im really digging it! Roberto Q. Ingram Black Nation, Exun, Disko Massaka" - Roberto Q. Ingram (Inspiration Network)

"'fluid' is the one for me here. like the sounds and the metalicy congas" - Dave Mothersole

"Fluid is definitely the main track of this ep. Reminds me of old 808 State drum programming, when Gerald was still part of that bunch. " - Rene Passet (Dj Broadcast)

"I am loving "Fluid." Will get big support at Demon Days events here (party with Carl Craig - we start a new NYC residency on Feb 14th). " - Gamall (Demon Days) (Demon Days / Backspin Promotions)

"nice ep .Im into Fluid and 45 days. i will play and support of course. more of that please! " - Alex Attias (Freedom Soundz)


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Ann Aimee Myspace

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Juno Download

The EP will be available on these sites soon.

Here is an interview that I did with James on Unity FM, followed by a blinder of a mix.

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